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Bridges in a Blink
Bridges in a Blink
Portable bridges delivered by L&T give India’s defence forces the much-needed edge
Military engagements and natural calamities make it necessary to traverse quickly over inhospitable terrain. The challenging topography of most border areas makes it necessary to have a reliable portable solution.
L&T Defence, had in 2019, received an order from BEML Ltd for the mass production of 110 Sarvatra bridging systems. Sarvatra is a Tatra-truck-mounted, mechanically-launched, multi-span, mobile bridging system.
Developed by the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), Sarvatra can be launched in just 100 minutes and it can connect gaps ranging from 15-75 metres providing a 4-metre-wide fully decked roadway for traffic, including heavy military vehicles.
The bridging system consists of a Tatra vehicle, bridge superstructure, launching mechanism and hydraulic systems. L&T was assigned to produce bridges and launching mechanisms made up of RDE-40M aluminium alloy and S690QL material, respectively.
L&T Defence began manufacturing the bridging system at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities housed in the AM Naik Heavy Engineering Complex at Hazira in Gujarat and the Strategic Systems Complex at Talegaon near Pune. The team braced itself to deliver the systems well within the timelines.
Speaking of the best-laid plans of mice and men, no sooner was the project initiated than the COVID pandemic slammed in, throwing a spanner in the works. The supply chain and skilled manpower availability were affected. This led to several delays and frequent stoppages of work.
Besides, several other factors led to initial high cycle time – such as handling of unique material and facility development.
To compensate for the lost time, the project team increased its vendor base and spread the pre-fabrication activities across various locations. In-house facilities were developed to ensure on-time full-kit availability.
Innovations at Work
As it is highly prone to developing cracks, the fabrication of aluminium-grade RDE 40M was a critical but essential process in the project.
L&T Defence set up environmentally controlled enclosures for material storage, fabrication and welding.  This facilitated a dust-free environment essential to achieve best quality weld.
Furthermore, to enhance the weld kg deposition and eliminate defects, the project team made use of robotic systems. They designed innovative fixtures to control distortion and achieve the required dimensions within the tolerances specified.
To utilise the hinge boring machine fully and achieve the required throughput, the team set up two stations for line-boring of 35mm hinge holes with an accuracy level of 50 microns.
Thanks to a slew of other steps: such as tackles welding, use of lofted drawings, spreading of assemblies across all the Defence shops, the addition of an assembly line and the implementation of the multi-station concept, the bridge output increased from four to 10 per month.
Creative thinking and continuous development contributed to the improvement of the cycle time for the superstructure by 54% and for the launching mechanism by 46% as compared to the initial time.
The entire order was delivered to BEML by March 2022, yet again affirming L&T’s reputation for timely delivery of critical projects.
Jan 24
Climate Crown
Climate Crown
L&T Finance Holdings makes remarkable improvements on the sustainability front, earns globally coveted rating
In its latest report, the international non-profit organisation CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) has assigned a coveted ‘B’ score to L&T Finance Holdings (LTFH).
This is up from the ‘D’ score that LTFH had earned in 2021. Based on voluntary disclosures, CDP assesses the environmental impact of the companies and cities concerned. It aims to make environmental reporting and risk management a business norm and motivate action towards a sustainable economy. 
CDP’s ratings are the gold standard of environmental reporting, with the richest and most comprehensive dataset on corporate action. LTFH has been reporting to CDP India on climate change since 2020.

LTFH’s significant improvement in CDP score indicates that the company is taking coordinated action on climate issues towards implementing sustainable processes and systems. The improvement can be attributed to LTFH’s growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) measures.
LTFH has also adopted specific targets for carbon neutrality by 2035 and water positivity by 2023.
The company has aligned its internal policies, processes, and activities, keeping in mind the environmental impacts and opportunities.
“Our ESG roadmap is aligned to L&T Group’s overall five-year strategic plan, Lakshya 2026. We are focusing on decarbonising our business footprint by using green power and creating carbon sinks to offset residual emissions. The significant improvement in our CDP score is a validation of our commitment and efforts at building an ESG-conscious organisation and affirms that we are on track,” says Mr Dinanath Dubhashi (MD & CEO – LTFH).
Upping with App
Over one million customers have downloaded L&T Financial Services’ (LTFS) PLANET app, and now find managing their loan relationships with the company more convenient than ever.
Launched earlier this year, PLANET (Personalised Lending & Assisted NETworks) helps customers seamlessly manage their loan accounts, including monthly EMI payments. They can easily access loan-related documents and avail of personalised offers through the app.
PLANET is a milestone towards LTFS’ goal of Fintech @ Scale as outlined in L&T’s Lakshya 2026 plan. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Jan 24
Swift Sand
Swift Sand
L&T’s Kansbahal Works solves a chronic issue faced by construction sites
Time was when a 65-tonne sand plant, generally set up many kilometres away from project sites, required at least 30 days to be installed, and was rarely dismantled.

Now, the same can be set up at a project site itself in less than a week. Moreover, when a project is complete, the plant can be dismantled within seven days, and moved out to the next worksite.
It is L&T’s Odisha-based Kansbahal Works which has made this possible! The innovation came after the L&T CEO & MD Mr SN Subrahmanyan recommended that skid-mounted sand plants be made mobile and easily transportable across highways, railways and construction sites.
Thus, in continuation of its endeavour to produce high-quality sand-making plants, Kansbahal Works developed and launched India’s first wheel-mounted Mobile Dry Sand Air Classifier plant known as M-SAC, for short. It is more modular and comes with fewer structures.
This portable machine produces concrete and plaster sand from clay as per IS 383 Standard and ultra-fines (basalt, granite or limestone grains with sizes ranging between 0 and 4.75 mm) using air as input, instead of water. It thus saves water.
M-SAC has many advantages, including precise control of ultra-fines, lower maintenance costs, minimum downtime and higher productivity.
L&T developed and installed the first M-SAC (model mSAC1600) for M/s Samiksha Enterprise’s project near Pune. This testifies to L&T’s engineering and application acumen and the design competency of its sand plant collaborator KEMCO. The highlight of mSAC1600 is its smooth and fast installation at project sites.
Mr Rajendra Garudkar, the owner of Samiksha Enterprise, is satisfied with the product quality of L&T mSAC1600’s plaster sand-maker as he now sells manufactured sand in large quantities to various customers in the Pune-Talegaon belt.
In the fast-growing road and railways construction sector, which requires high- mobility aggregate and sand-making systems, M-SAC is an excellent solution to produce good-quality classified sand.
Another Milestone!  L&T's Kansbahal Works has achieved the milestone of manufacturing and commissioning L&T’s 50th sand plant, an e7-60 advanced sand plant, for SKGC Infra’s project site near Mumbai. The plant is entirely free of dust emissions. Sand produced from it is the best alternative to river sand, helping protect precious water bodies.
Jan 24
A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
L&T smoothens life for the residents of Moradabad and Ahmedabad
One more Indian urban hub has been transformed into a smart city! This time its Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh which has entered the smart city landscape with Chief Minister Mr Yogi Adityanath inaugurating the Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) on 2 December.
The ICCC is a crucial aspect of the smart city project and - as in several other cities in India - L&T Smart World & Communication vertical (SWC) has implemented the same in Moradabad as well.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Minister appreciated the dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work of SWC’s project team in making the project a reality. Mr Adityanath was so elated that he himself eagerly explained to the large gathering of Moradabad citizens the benefits of the various smart solutions brought in by the ICCC.
The people of Moradabad can now look forward to a higher degree of safety and convenience as they go about their daily life.
Aiding Ahmedabad Metro
Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi inaugurated Phase-I of the Ahmedabad Metro on September 30. It took much effort and several supporting mechanisms to get the metro up and running. One such crucial element is a robust telecommunication system.
L&T’s Smart World & Communication (SWC) arm set up the entire telecommunication system package for the Phase-1 of Ahmedabad Metro. The scope encompassed several sub-systems – such as TETRA radio, CCTV, public address system, passenger information display system, access control and intrusion detection system, integrated security communication, centralised digital recording, master clock, telecom-SCADA, telephone and office automation-information technology.
L&T completed the task within a stiff stipulated deadline, enabling clearance for the commencement of metro rail services. At the inaugural ceremony, the Prime Minister was joined by Union Railways Minister Mr Ashwini Vaishnaw, Housing & Urban Affairs Minister Mr Hardeep Singh Puri, Gujarat Chief Minister Mr Bhupendra Bhai Patel and Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Ltd MD Mr SS Rathore.
Jan 24
Excavator Excels
Excavator Excels
An L&T-marketed Komatsu excavator is transforming the construction equipment landscape


In 2019, L&T principal Komatsu launched the next-gen truly efficient hydraulic excavator –  PC210LC-10M0.   This machine, possessing much higher forces and capacity as well as the latest generation of telematics, has transformed the  construction  equipment landscape in India.

To build this high-performing model, Komatsu pushed the boundaries of efficiency and leveraged nearly a century of experience with construction equipment and technology. Compared to the previous models, the PC210LC-10M0 provides up to 20% higher productivity and consumes up to 20% less fuel, redefining the reliability standards in the 21-tonne class segment in India.

In fact, one of these excavators has completed 15,000 hours of operation since commissioning. A dozen more have clocked operation times between 12,000-14,000 hours across locations and varied applications at rugged sites – such as stone quarries, blue metal mining, road making and material handling.

Having completed such long operation hours faster than any past model, these super-achievers demonstrate that they are efficient in every way.

Tech Specs

The PC210-10M0 comes fitted with a new series of engines, with optimised design parameters to minimise the peripheral power loss, eliciting the maximum net horsepower (hp) output in line with the gross hp developed. This ensures that every drop of fuel is put to productive work.

Advanced designs incorporated in the engine – including radiator fan viscous clutch technology, optimised fuel injection control, reduction of hydraulic pressure loss by optimising pipe design and enhanced engine-pump matching control – reduce power requirements. Power loss from heat generation is minimised, and system efficiency is improved, making the machine energy efficient.

The load and machine utilisation are continuously monitored by the patented telematics, Komtrax, providing valuable insights into energy-saving operations. During operations, efficiency feedback is constantly provided to the operator on a large LCD monitor connected to ECO-Gauge. Komtarx also alerts the operator on long idling and recommends switching to eco-modes, based on the usage and load condition.

Truly efficient, the PC210-10M0 is, clearly, as Victor Hugo put it, an idea whose time has come.

Jan 23
Delivering Delights
Delivering Delights
An indigenously-made L&T compactor sets a sales record
What do the runways at airports in Kannur, Bengaluru and Delhi and the strategic border road at Jaisalmer have in common? The smooth finish of bitumen, achieved with the help of L&T 2490 HD Pneumatic Tyred Rollers (PTRs).
Compactors are machines that compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt for making roads, road embankments, or foundations for large structures.
PTRs are compactors that make the road surface smooth by sealing the surface. This prevents rainwater from seeping through the road and thus improves its life.
On 28 November, L&T achieved a key milestone by delivering the 3000th compactor, an L&T 2490 PTR, to a customer.
Mr Arvind K Garg (Sr VP & Head – L&T Construction & Mining Machinery) handed over the symbolic key to Mr Neelesh Kumar Singh (Managing Partner – Anmol Associates) at L&T Construction Equipment Ltd’s (LTCEL) Doddaballabpur plant in Bengaluru.
LTCEL’s Chief Executive Mr H Shridhar Hande, GM – Machinery Mr K Keshava, GM – Hydraulics Mr Shailesh Kodkani and Head – Road Machinery Mr Jaikumar Kamath, and Mr Vijayendra Bhat of Anugraha Construction Equipment, a dealer from Karnataka, were present.
Anmol Associates is a Lucknow-based firm specialising in road construction and has a large fleet of equipment, including 14 L&T compactors. It has executed prestigious projects for NHAI, UP’s PWD and Irrigation department and the Union government. One of its notable projects is the beautification of Prayagraj during the 2019 Kumbh Mela.
L&T started making compactors in 2016. These have fast penetrated the Indian market and owing to their excellent quality and reliability have become the preferred choice of customers.
L&T’s comprehensive portfolio of compactors currently includes PTRs, soil compactors, tandem compactors and mini tandem compactors. These are designed by the L&T Product Development Centre and manufactured by LTCEL.
These compactors have substantial indigenous content and are therefore truly ‘made-in-India’. L&T has been exporting these compactors to SAARC and African countries.

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