Oct 17
Office Bubbles at Metro
Office Bubbles at Metro
Professionals in Hyderabad can now live and work the way their counterparts in  developed  countries do! Now that WFH is becoming a thing of the past, thousands of office staffers wistfully dream of somehow slashing their commute time to inch towards that elusive work-life balance.
Responding to this dream, L&T Metro Rail [Hyderabad] Limited (L&TMRHL) has initiated a unique concept of Office Bubbles – secured, transit-oriented workspaces in the pre-ticketing areas on the concourses of its stations.
Unique in the history of India’s metro rails, Office Bubbles are poised to fulfil the surging demand for office spaces in Hyderabad and prove a win-win both for employers and employees.
L&TMRHL has on offer around 18.5 million sq ft of space for work, shopping, leisure, entertainment, healthcare along with parking and circulation areas. Close to 0.4 million sq ft will be dedicated to Office Bubbles for lease, encompassing 1750 sq ft of 2 units across 49 typical metro stations and 5,000-30,000 sq ft space at 8 atypical metro stations.
Focusing on IT companies, Office Bubbles offer the hub-and-spoke model, enabling IT firms to open strategically dispersed smaller offices across the city. Depending on a lessee’s requirement, three different space formats are on offer: bare shell, warm shell (minimally furnished interiors with heating and cooling or also known as HVAC system with lighting, drop ceiling, flooring, restrooms, and plumbing), and plug-&-play.
“We are proud to offer Office Bubbles as the first-of-its-kind concept being rolled out in the Indian urban transportation sector. Office Bubbles aspire to help corporates with competitive advantage of highly connected, secured and reliable remote working spaces,” says Mr KVB Reddy (MD & CEO – L&TMRHL). “This will cater to the new normal, where locational flexibility and data security become a prime concern for corporates. The concept is not only a natural and logical choice for start-ups, but also large corporations who are progressing towards spaces owing to the agility and flexibility it offers.”
  • Flexible workspaces and working style, with a reduction in employee travel time
  • Predominantly lower operational costs, better infrastructure, networking opportunities
  • Protection of clients’ intellectual property
  • Secured spaces in 57 stations across Hyderabad with CCTV and access control
  • Dedicated data connectivity (LAN) coupled with ready fibre optic network
  • Reliable power supply, high safety and security, including fire safety compliant infrastructure
  • Round-the-clock security and operation
  • Parking spaces
  • ATMs, food & beverage outlets, etc.
  • Easy to isolate any affected person(s), without disturbing functioning of other units, in the event of any pandemic or related crises

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