Nov 11
Prayers in the Pandemic
Prayers in the Pandemic
USHERING in the festival season in many parts of India, Dussehra took on a special meaning this year. For the world is battling a single enemy, and vanquishing this deadly foe is topmost on every mind. 
At L&T’s many establishments around India, Dussehra and its many regional avatars were celebrated in a somewhat muted fashion, necessitated by the constraints of the pandemic. Numbers at poojas were restricted, and social distancing was astutely maintained. The focus was on seeking the blessings of the Divine, and on staying safe.
As the entire L&T community lifted up a fervent prayer for better days, the company continues to resume operations in vital areas. Here’s a snapshot of the celebrations from L&T campuses.
L&T Power
The joy of Navratri, celebrated safely at L&T Knowledge City at Vadodara in Gujarat. An L&T community member dressed up as Devi Durga on the occasion.
L&T Hazira
Seniors solemnly performed the pooja at L&T’s vast Hazira Manufacturing Complex in Gujarat, while the others offered the prayers at their respective workstations. 
A compactor and an engineer mine plough were displayed next to the Ayudha Pooja area at the Bengaluru facility of L&T Construction Machinery Ltd, where the ceremony was restricted to 10% of the staff. 
L&T Infotech (LTI) celebrated Dussehra Pooja both at its premises in Powai (Mumbai) and in Bengaluru.
L&T House
The Pooja went virtual at L&T’s registered headquarters L&T House in South Mumbai, where each department was physically represented by a solitary staffer.
Mr Sunil Sharma, the Head of L&T’s Leadership Development Academy at Lonavala offered prayers at the entrance of the campus.

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