Nov 10
A Surreal Voyage
A Surreal Voyage
Tale of The Timeless Horse
By: Anantha Sayana
PP: 142, Rs: 230
Notion Press, Chennai
First Published: 2020
IMAGINE a scenario where you are having a relaxed meal at a fine restaurant, celebrating a friend’s wedding anniversary. Drinks flow freely as does the conversation. In the centre of the restaurant is an immaculately carved statue of a horse, to which you feel inexplicably drawn. Thus, unravels the tale of Nakul, the young protagonist of Anantha Sayana’s debut novel, Tale of The Timeless Horse. 
It’s a story that is easy on the eye in presentation, from its tell-tale style cover to its well-spaced, large type, devoid of illustrations and distractions. As you delve deeper into the novelette, it transports you to surreal realms where horses fly and communicate with humans. Over the next 140-odd pages, the mystery of Nakul’s fascination with the horse is revealed. What started off with an imploring glance from a statuesque horse, turns into a sweeping adventure, replete with intrigue, romance and heroics.
Anantha’s narrative style is simple and easy-going and does not leave you scrabbling for a dictionary. The pages turn on their own, as you eagerly await the next twist in the tale, while thinking that you know what’s coming. The real magic lies in the way it makes the expected, not only acceptable, but comfortably reassuring in its own way.
If you love horses as much as the author obviously does or, have spent a pleasant morning at a hill-station astride one of these majestic beings, you will find the book even more endearing. Anantha’s ability to transform the horse from the role of carrier to companion, coupled with a fascinating explanation for its powers, makes the tale even more plausible.
Tale of The Timeless Horse is the perfect antidote for a WhatsApp-infused life, where every beep of the cell phone demands attention. Lock your phone away and curl up with this book on your favourite couch. Keep a pot of coffee brewing and soar into a fantasy world with Nakul and his flying companion.  Rest assured, you’ll have a happy landing!
Anantha Sayana is the Chief Digital Officer, L&T, and lives in Chennai. He believes that writing should be purposeful, pleasant and engaging. This is his debut published novel.

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