Nov 11
IIM Kudos for L&T’s Communication
IIM Kudos for L&T’s Communication
MERGER & ACQUISITIONS (M&A) are generally laced with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), and this was more so during L&T’s acquisition of Mindtree Ltd last year.
The Corporate Brand Management & Communications (CBMC) department of L&T had devised an innovative communications strategy and campaign, lifting the perceptions of all stakeholders towards this complex and major M&A in India’s recent industrial history.
Taking note of this, the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM-A) has now published a case study on how CBMC’s campaign changed the stakeholders’ perception in Mindtree deal – making it a win-win. Titled, Changing Perceptions and Transforming Outcomes: L&T Acquisition of Mindtree, the 22-page case study delves deep into the communication plan that adapted to the dynamic nature of Mindtree M&A. It narrates the strategic insights that were followed by rapid implementation and close monitoring – simply a real-time brain stimulating activity.  
The case study makes for a valuable read for current and future business leaders and communication experts. As such, IIM-A is now using this as teaching material in its management course. Published in September, the case study is available on the IIM-A website
LTI has been recognised by the Great Place to Work™ (GPTW) in the USA. The recognition confirms that 7 out of 10 employees have a consistently positive experience at LTI. Areas of strength for LTI in the USA are its high scores on fairness, safety, and the management team. No small achievement in the industry, especially at this time.
Nov 11
Exemplary Honour
Exemplary Honour
CII RECENTLY honoured L&T with the ‘Exemplary Application of Technology by Private Sector’ Award for innovative use of technology leading to greater impact. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr Edappadi Karuppa Palaniswami, handed over the award at the CII CONNECT 2020 conference in Chennai on 19 September.
Since inception in 2001, the CII CONNECT conference series has been a forum for the Indian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry to recognise the latest trends and developments. The award conferred on L&T is in recognition of the  solutions implemented in Smart Cities, more specifically in the areas of artificial intelligence, picture intelligence, facial recognition, cyber security, emergency response, etc. and also for its role in providing technology solutions for curbing COVID-19.
On the final day of the five-day CII CONNECT conference, Mr R Srinivasan, EVP & Head, L&T Smart World & Communication, was present as a panel member at the Round Table on initiatives to fast-track and optimise smart cities in post-COVID era. He was joined in by Mr Raj Cherubal, CEO, Chennai Smart City, and Mr V Suresh, chairman Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) & former CMD HUDCO. 
Mr Srinivasan presented an overview of the various smart solutions implemented by L&T across the smart cities in India, where the command and control centers are now functioning as COVID war room. He highlighted the several benefits derived from smart solutions:

• AI-based systems that monitor vehicle movement and crowd analytics that trigger alerts if crowds exceed the desired threshold
• AI-based mask-detection applications
• Social distancing monitoring solutions
• Automatic traffic counter classifiers that track and find people venturing more than 3-km from their local zones or at nights during the lockdown
• Mobile apps and chatbot solutions that issued e-passes during the lockdown
• Handling of COVID-related and law-&-order issues
• Mobile Surveillance Vehicles (MSV) and Drone Surveillance that monitor sensitive areas by integrating them with the COC network wirelessly
• Early Warning Dissemination Systems in AP and Odisha that alert and warn  citizens about an impending calamity 

L&T will continue to expand its range of smart solutions to save lives, now and in the future.
Nov 10
Dumper Creates History
Dumper Creates History
WAY BACK in 2008, L&T delivered and commissioned the first batch of Komatsu HD785 Dump Trucks at Tata Steel’s Noamundi mines in Jharkhand. One of these dumpers has made history of sorts by completing 60,000 hours in July 2020.
This is the first mining truck in the iron-ore mining industry in India to achieve this feat. During the 60,000 hours of operation, the milestone HD785 dumper (SL No N10029) completed 129,637 trips and hauled 12.48 million tonnes of material with 94% equipment availability.
Komatsu’s equipment are known for superior quality and high performance. The L&T team deployed at the site has provided round-the-clock service even during the lockdown, and is the critical factor in achieving this milestone. L&T was engaged as the service partner to provide maintenance for Komatsu fleet under an FMC contract besides operator training. 
Today, Tata Steel operates a fleet of 64 Komatsu machines in its Ore Mines & Quarry Division in Noamundi as well as Joda and Khondbond - both in Odisha. These include 41 HD785 Dump Trucks, four WA900 Wheel Loaders, six GD825A Motor Graders, five D275 Crawler Dozers, a WD600 Wheel Dozer and seven Water Sprinklers. L&T has also supplied Komatsu machines in Tata Steel’s captive coal mines in West Bokaro in Jharkhand.

LTI was conferred the Platinum award in the Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills category at the 7th Annual CSR Awards 2020 organised by the Greentech Foundation. The award recognised the outstanding achievements of LTI's CSR Project for the revival of Warli Art.
Nov 10
Innovation Wins
Innovation Wins
L&T TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (LTTS) recently swept up a number of awards and recognitions across major categories representing brand, innovation, employer and workplace. The key differentiators that distinguish this L&T subsidiary are its ability to innovate and its unique offerings.
LTTS won Silver in the Best Workplace Practices category for 2020. Financial Express applauded LTTS’ efforts in enabling smooth transition from physical office to remote working and then the planning for an equally seamless transition while resuming office.
LTTS has this year clinched several of the Stevie International Business Awards & Stevie Great Employer Awards:
The unique pan-European, 16-day ER&D Bus Tour campaign showcased LTTS’ Digital & Industry 4.0 solutions culminating in the engineering hackathon at Munich.
WFX Model & WeCare App, as well as all the other arrangements undertaken by LTTS’ BCP, Admin, HR & IT teams to ensure workplace-readiness for colleagues returning to office.
LTTS’ unique differentiators that made it stand out were the integrated offering of technology and innovative solutions, which included virtualised 3D clone of Think Studio, lab set-up at home for engineers and the WFX application in managing / scheduling work.
LTTS showcased the Smart Office Campus success, Rockford Center of Excellence (CoE) launch, and the first-of-its-kind innovations like Robotic Endo-Trainer Kit and Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone.
LTTS has won two coveted Brandon Hall Excellence Awards 2020:
BEST ADVANCE IN TALENT ACQUISITION PROCESS LTTS created a robust talent acquisition framework, successfully incorporating innovative talent acquisition strategies in hiring. The jury appreciated the demonstrable impact created through multi-locational recruitment drives, campus hiring from top universities in the USA and organising career event globally to build a talent pipeline for quick ramp-ups.
LTTS’ HR team showcased various employee engagement initiatives conducted globally - from conducting ‘Engagement Events’ through special interest groups to reward programmes for revenue impact.

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