Apr 12
Revolutionary Changes
Revolutionary Changes
HISTORY tells us that revolutions need not always be noisy. There are occasions when revolutionary changes take place silently, giving time to everyone to transition at ease.
L&T, which for long and for all good reasons, has been primarily known as a brick-and- mortar Company, is ushering in revolutionary changes vis-à-vis its business portfolio. While L&T’s core businesses – engineering and construction – remain steady, the Company is growingly expanding its services portfolio.
The latest addition is the launch of L&T-SuFin – a B2B e-commerce company for industrial and construction products with integrated support mechanism for finance and shipping. What is promising is that in just about a month since the formal launch in March, SuFin has already witnessed over 1,500 transactions on its platform.
The cover story of this issue offers interesting insights into how SuFin was born and christened. You surely don’t want to miss this piece – for it recounts the early days of a business which promises to be a future behemoth.
Then there is an article on L&T constructing a seven-storeyed building in Bengaluru for the DRDO in just 45 days. L&T’s centralised celebrations of International Women’s Day in Mumbai, which reaffirmed the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion more emphatically than ever before, is also covered in this issue.
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Yuvraj Mehta

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